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VBRI Press aims to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, books, symposium series, proceedings, dissertations, etc. for international readership with non-profitable harbor. All the published articles are available for download for free.


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Advanced Materials Letters
Advanced Materials Letters is the principal international journal intended to publish top-quality peer-reviewed research papers in the fascinating field of materials science particularly in the area of structure, synthesis and processing, characterization, advanced-state properties, and applications of materials. It covers review articles, research articles, letter to editor, conference & book review, notes and short communications. All the published articles are available for download for free
Advanced Materials Reviews
Advanced Materials Reviews is an international journal published quarterly starting from January 2014. The journal is intended to provide top-quality peer-reviewed review articles in the field of advanced materials. The journal includes comprehensive, critical, prospective note and tutorial review articles in the recent research of materials arenas. All the published articles are available for download for free
Smart Biomolecules in Medicine
This book begins with the drug delivery, before going on to cover pharmaceuticals, bio-organometallic chemistry, clinical and pharmaceuticals. All chapters will help to the bioinorganic chemists, the pharmaceutical industry, chemists working in organometallic and biochemistry. The content of book will be highly understandable to the student, biochemist, pharmacist.
Integrated Biomaterials
The hand book ‘Integrated Biomaterials’ is an effort to compile all aspects from fundamental principles to current technological advances in biomaterials at the macro/micro/nano/molecular length scales suitable for wide range of biomedical applications such as medical implants and devices, protein and drug delivery, stem cell and tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.
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